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Web Development Agency in Bournemouth

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Looking for a web development agency in Bournemouth? Here at DSM Design we specialise in websites and building systems for your company in order to achieve your business goals. With quality web development services, DSM Design offer a full range of services including web hosting, web support and eCommerce builds. We are a web development agency in Poole that has more than 35 years of experience in the creative industry. Our specialities include WordPress, JavaScript, MySQL and Laravel as well as web applications. As well as working in the development industry, we are also an SEO agency in Bournemouth and offer SEO services too.

Our Web Development Service

Our service involves a few key steps which allows us to touch base with our client throughout the web development process. This is as follows:

  • Initial consultation
  • Proposal & quotation
  • Project management
  • System Development
  • RFC (Request’s for Change) Management
  • Final Development
  • Customer Sign-Off
  • On-Going Support

We offer a one-off development service as well as a range of web hosting packages. Alongside this, we can offer a support contract which can be used for fixes and issues that may occur if you have a problem or need to make a technical change to the website. if you have any questions about our services or require a free no obligation quote for a website or system simply get in touch with DSM Design on 01202 048079.

Our Web Development Case Studies

  • TranAm Ltd – With three brands under TranAm: BikerHeadz, Snowheadz and Houndheadz, it was our main focus when working with the company, to design a strong B2B website. We created an online order system for UK based retailers to purchase their stock. Within this design, we provided specific pricing for each customer and other important facilities to help their business in real time.
  • Barlow Trailers – the company wanted a system to manage their stock and that was compatible with their Google Shopping campaigns they run. A system was built that was compatible with Catalyst and includes a full CMS system and blog.
  • Mark Weatherhead – With three key websites they wanted specific stock to show on certain websites and to manage their stock online. The system was built compatible with Catalyst.
  • Unique Group  – wanted a website for their group showcasing their key brands, we built a new website in WordPress which allowed them to create their own content and pages simply and easily.