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Web Design Ferndown

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Are you looking for the best web design Ferndown can offer you? At DSM Design we are web design experts in Ferndown, Dorset, the UK and internationally. It is important that your website is well designed and built so that it can be found by search engines for example. Here at DSM Design we are also specialists in online marketing. Receive a free quote today for a brand-new website by calling DSM Design Ltd. on 01202 048079. Alternatively, we are also able to support you with website redesigns.

Experts of SEO & Web Design in Ferndown

It is essential that a website is built with site visibility and technical SEO in mind. This plays a factor in how your website appears in search engines and subsequently – how your website is found online. We have the ability to provide our expertise to any business in Ferndown or beyond.

By choosing us as your web design and online marketing provider you can be rest assured you are getting a share of the market and that your competitors will be monitored with our specialist SEO tools.

Why you should worry about Website Design

Have you ever thought about the user experience (UX) of your website and how the content is appealing to your customers? With DSM Design Ltd. we do the hard work for you and throughout our 30 years of working in design we have developed an eye for detail and focus on how to capture the consumers attention. It is important that features of your web design are user-friendly so that they do not travel off your website and land on a competitor’s website instead!

A Checklist for Web Design & Development

Our methods of creating websites involve the use of bespoke code. Code that is built around you and your business – reflecting your business needs in the systems and websites we build. We will also create e-commerce and development solutions if you require them.

Below you can find a small list of some of the features we include in our website during the design and development processes:

  1. The responsiveness of Mobile, tablet and desktop
  2. Ease of navigation
  3. Clean and tidy code
  4. Page speed insights performed
  5. Hamburger menu design
  6. Contact us page implementation
  7. Mobile friendly design
  8. Cookie policy implementation
  9. Social media integrations
  10. Email integrations