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Web Design in Dorchester

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Here at DSM Design Ltd., we offer the best web designs in Dorchester and surrounding areas. We also provide specialist development and SEO services. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, our professional team are guaranteed to deliver websites that meet any of your needs!

About Us

We are constantly expanding our web design services and specialise in web design, development, E-commerce and SEO. When it comes to delivering you the best web design in Dorchester, we pride ourselves on delivering friendly and professional services that you can understand.

Web Design at DSM

It is important to focus on the key factors when it comes to building a website. At DSM Design, we focus on the following:

Mobile Friendly– Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to browsing the web. That is why it is crucial that our web designers use a mobile-first approach when creating mobile friendly websites.

Personalised Designs– In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to use unique and visually appealing designs for your website! This doesn’t necessarily mean a load of colours and pictures as this can quite often slow down the loading speed to your site. Our designers can give you the perfect balance between style and practicality.

Maintenance– Our designers and developers will support you with any issues that may occur following the development process of your website.

SSL Encryption– You will need SSL encryption if you have an E-commerce website and are storing customer information. This ensures that all your customer details are protected. We will provide you with a certificate for this, meaning you will be HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Loading Speed– People are likely to click off your website if your website doesn’t load quick enough. Our designers know how to build a website that perfectly gives you a quick loading speed. This ensures that your website performs well and can rank higher within search engines.