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It’s finally here-LinkedIn stories! After being trialled and tested throughout this year, LinkedIn have finally released their very own stories segment on mobile devices. Amongst being a great opportunity for businesses to expand their content on mobile platforms, this new update comes with a huge range of benefits for all LinkedIn users.

Following in the footsteps of its competitors like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn stories has enabled businesses and other users to share images and short video content. Continue reading as we take a look at the major benefits of this fresh new feature!

What is Included?

As well as image and video sharing, LinkedIn stories also includes additional features such as text, profile mentions and question boxes. This new aspect of LinkedIn is the perfect way for users to engage with followers and help to improve the traffic to their business.

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn stories only last for 24 hours so it is important to create engaging content that will keep your followers involved with your brand!

How Can You Use It?

From Q&As and livestreams to product deals and competitions, stories are a great way to showcase the most important features of your business.
By using this platform to communicate and answer questions, you will be able to build a more trusting relationship with your following which will help you gain a higher online ranking for your business.

On other social media sites such as Instagram, stories are mainly used to quickly capture real-time moments. This helps to create a more personal and relaxed approach to the professional community.

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Are you a new business looking to make your mark on the digital world? Social media has impacted the marketing industry for years with its creative formats and networking opportunities. It’s the perfect platform for businesses to improve on their online performance and generate high customer ranking. LinkedIn is just one of the many social media websites that allow professionals to showcase their expertise and achievements. With over 500million active users across 200 countries, LinkedIn is a great starting stage for businesses!

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a free marketing facility, made primarily for professional companies to demonstrate and promote their knowledge and become resourceful for their clientele. Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn allows its users to connect with partnered businesses as well as new and existing customers. It is especially important for businesses to use this platform as a way to increase their online performance!

How Can LinkedIn Benefit Your Business?

With its range of benefits to offer your business, it is essential to provide a LinkedIn profile as a way to help grow your brand and network with neighbouring companies and potential clients! Creating a strong relationship with a range of recognisable businesses can form a sense of trust between you and the customer. This is a crucial element when it comes to improving your online ranking and helps to generate more user traffic for your business.

LinkedIn is considered to be highly ranked by Google and other search engines. Frequently updating your LinkedIn profile with relevant SEO strategies has the potential of appearing on results pages. This can therefore, benefit your overall brand performance.

Joining groups, partaking in discussions and answering questions is another great part of having a LinkedIn account as it allows businesses to engage with other businesses and clients. This is just as important as any other social media site but with more direct links to worldwide companies, LinkedIn is the best platform for expanding your company networks and partnerships.

Creating a company page can let you feature products, services and the history of your brand. Including an additional link to your main site can also help to generate traffic and help to improve your online ranking.
LinkedIn isn’t just a great platform for businesses to share their own content, but is a great way to target audiences by posting sales and topics that specifically benefit your clientele. This method will help to improve your site engagement and online ranking.

Incorporating a ‘recommendation’ section for your LinkedIn profile is another way to show your performance to other customers and companies. Previous clients can publish reviews from their service experience with your business which will, in turn, increase your company credibility and could also help the growth of your business online!

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