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Earlier this year, Google released news of an update that is set to change the way businesses focus on their digital marketing. This new update will take user experience into more consideration by highlighting search results that perform better when it comes to page experience on their website.

Google’s new update is set to launch in May 2021. In order to prepare for this, it is suggested that businesses start using platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Search Engine Console. By doing this, businesses will be able to gauge an idea as to how they perform online.

What is Page Experience

So, what is Page Experience? According to Google, page experience is made up of a lot of key elements. This includes the loading speed of a website, mobile optimisation, HTTPS and various other webpage features.

Loading Speed

Having a fast-loading speed has, and always will be one of the most important factors when it comes to a high-ranking website. If your page can load quickly then more users will be likely to choose your website over other search engine results. This will help with user experience as well as your business’ overall online performance.

Mobile Optimisation

As more and more online users rely on phones to access digital content, it is crucial to be mobile-friendly when it comes to creating a website for your business. Optimising your platform for mobile and tablet users can help to expand your audience and will also produce a more convenient website for your customers. Updating your online business so that it is usable for all devices will show Google and online users that you are trustworthy and reliable.

Runs on HTTPS

HTTPS is widely used online as it is more reliable and secure for users to communicate across different networks. By having a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure website, users will see you as a reputable brand.

Clear Features on a Webpage

Images, Videos and more. There are many features that can have an effect on the overall performance of a website. Because of this, it is especially important to focus on limiting what content you input onto a webpage. Reliable information that is easy to read, images that aren’t too cluttered, and videos that don’t affect the loading speed are just a few examples of essential features that will help the growth of any webpage! It is important to create content that is both eye-catching and entertaining, whilst also fulfilling the needs of great user experience.

Google factors in these elements to help determine the level of page experience on a website. Known as Core Web Vitals, it is especially important to incorporate these features, set by Google, if you are looking to expand your online business. Not only will this help companies across the world, but users will also benefit by seeing which results are more reliable based on what they have searched for.

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UX, also known as user experience, is commonly associated with the understanding of user needs, as well as the importance of creating a great online experience for customers. But what is the value of UX in digital marketing?

The Value of UX

Creating a great user experience (UX) for your target audience is essential in all types of digital marketing and is a great method to help attract and convert users into consumers. From visual design and usability, to search and content strategy, UX is made up of a lot of components in order for businesses to succeed a full user experience for their audience.


Creating a well-organised and readable website is important when it comes to producing a great user experience for your audience. Having a cluttered page with lots of images or text can be quite off-putting and could result in lower customer conversions! From headers and bullet points to short paragraphs, it is crucial to include a variety of elements in order to help create a more clean and easier navigating website.


It is important to focus on creating both reliable and relevant content for you target audience as this can generate higher online rankings for your website. Keyword research is also a crucial element as it helps to create a better understanding as to what your customers are looking for. By incorporating keyword phrases into your writing, you can be sure to provide a better user experience all-round. However, make sure to keep your content unique as this can help you stand out from other competitors!

When looking to better the user experience for your website, it is important to have an SEO friendly platform. If SEO is not optimised for search engines, then potential customers may struggle to find your website.


Having a faster loading page is one of the most important features that most search engines and users look for on a website. Overcrowding a page with images, graphics and video content can severely damage the speed of any site so it is important to limit these features. It has been proven that if a user is waiting for longer than a few seconds for a page to load, then they will quite often look elsewhere. Because of this, businesses should focus on creating a webpage with minimal video and image elements.


65% of digital media time is recorded on a mobile device. Because of this, most businesses are expected to optimise their website to suit mobile and tablet users. If you provide access to your website for multiple devices, this will help to expand your target audience and generate a better user experience.

Having a platform that is both attractive and navigational will help to increase online performance, ranking and revenue. Because of this, UX should be one of the first things to prioritise when it comes to digital marketing and building a business online.

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Radio has always been an extremely advanced form of communication and has enabled people to broadcast information around the world since the late 19th century! More recently however, its platform has been used primarily for entertainment purposes. Amongst being one of the biggest music streaming networks, radio broadcasting also allows businesses to advertise their brand to a wider audience.

Your Clientele

Choosing the right station for your business is extremely important as this can determine what audience you reach out to. By associating your company with a specific radio station, you are allowing potential clients to engage with your product which will also help to expand your brand. This is yet another marketing technique that businesses can use to increase their target audience!

Your Voice

Radio advertising is a great method to generate a more loyal and trustworthy relationship with your clients. By matching a voice to your brand, you can connect with customers in a stronger, more personal way. This helps to improve your business identity and can in turn, generate more revenue.

By using your voice to advertise, you have the ability to completely personalise the product to suit your business identity. Emphasising phrases and incorporating a short jingle can give character to your campaign and is more likely to be remembered by station listeners.

Your Convenience

At just a click of a button, your message can be heard by hundreds! Radio advertising doesn’t involve any heavy marketing strategies and businesses don’t have to rely on shares or likes to increase the ranking of their product. This is a much easier method to expand your sales and convert listeners to potential customers!

Not everyone has the time to read articles from social media or email sites. With radio, users can listen to your advertisements on the go! This has the potential to reach just as many people as digital platforms, making it equally as important for businesses today!

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Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness. Three key components that you must follow to ensure your website receives a high level of online ranking.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T has been included in Google’s ‘Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines’ since 2015. Each guideline is crucial for the SEO industry and is maintained regularly by the Google team to ensure the greatest benefits are highlighted for the digital community. As Google focuses heavily on these factors, it is important for businesses to adjust their website accordingly to reach the best ranking results and customer revenue. Despite being around for quite some time, the E-A-T system has recently become increasingly popular since Google’s latest algorithm update in August 2018.

Break it Down

Not only is it important to focus on the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of your website, but the updated E-A-T guidelines are seen to prioritise information on authors and their relevance to the business. Implementing a ‘meet the team’ or ‘about the author’ page onto your website can help to increase the networking of your business. Using links to the author’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profiles can also create a more personal approach to your online brand.


Providing your customers with the correct knowledge and understanding of your business is an important factor of E-A-T. Knowing the intent of your target audience is a great method to help create clear content and website navigation to specify their needs. By including ‘rich media’ such as imagery and videos, you can provide your users with a more digestible site. Pre-planning suggestable content that your customers may be interested in will also help to increase site engagement.

If your business can deliver these key techniques, then you are just one step further to improving your Google ranking!


Growth in shares and engagement across social media and other company websites is a major factor to improving your business’ authority. Being recognised on other platforms will help to build not only your brand as a whole, but your online audience!


A clear communication platform between a business and their customers is important to help create a stronger relationship and improve trustworthiness. Allowing for customer feedback and criticism can also help when it comes to adjusting your website to further improve your online ranking.

If your website contains a secure site domain, this can show Google that you are a trustworthy platform. Because of this, you are also reassuring customers that any data issued on your site is secure and private. As well as this, it is also important to cite external sources on your webpage. This can show Google that you provide accurate and reliable information for your users.

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Want to learn more about the expanding world of AI? As AI becomes more important to online servers, it is essential for businesses to understand how transforming advertisement and graphic design products can benefit online ranking and customer revenue.

What is AI?

AI, commonly known as Artificial Intelligence is a machine system that analyses website data and is widely used to perform tasks by understanding text, sounds and images. Just like humans! Because of its abilities, AI is becoming more and more popular in the marketing industry. Artificial Intelligence has transformed the digital way of working and, amongst doing this, has evolved into helping businesses with Advertising and Graphic Design.

Because of its capabilities, AI has been used by a huge range of leading brands. This has helped to increase user engagement whilst creating an easier platform for customers.


Google has used artificial intelligence to generate a ‘predictive text’ feature on its Gmail system. The AI format can recommend users what to type next, creating a faster process for emailing. This is especially convenient for businesses and their customers.


Facebook has enhanced its social media properties by incorporating AI into its image posting format. By using Artificial Intelligence, users are given recommendations of who to tag in their photos based off of facial recognition.


As one of the most well-known Artificial Intelligence Systems, Siri can respond to a huge range of commands by listening and recognising peoples’ voices. Since Apple launched Siri in 2011, there has been a selection of leading brands using AI for voice recognition services. Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa are just a few of its kind.

Advertising with AI

There is an array of benefits that comes with using Artificial Intelligence when working with advertising for your business. These include:

Performance Analysis

AI has the ability to record how your ads are performing. But, unlike any data analytics software, AI can also smartly suggest ways of improvement that is based off your business objectives! Some advanced AI systems can even produce these enhancements automatically. Using this software allows businesses to perform quickly. This will, in turn, allow for more time on other requirements.

Ad Creation

Artificial Intelligence also offers systems that can create advertisements based on business goals. It does this by using data to analyse the performance and user engagement across your website and other digital channels.

Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is a key factor when it comes to creating ads. By using AI, businesses have the ability to recognise new and existing customers. The AI also takes note of your ad performance and KPIs and can use this information to help identify your target audience. It is essential to keep track on who your key customers are so you can adjust your advertising techniques accordingly.

Graphic Design with AI

When it comes to Graphic Design, Artificial Intelligence software is recognised as a great design tool. With a variety of benefits, its main objective is to speed up the development process for the graphic industry.

Similar to Advertising, AI analyses user data and suggests alternative designs based off this information. This is something a designer is incapable of doing. However, these graphics can be enhanced by the worker. This method is initially used to help reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase the amount of designs produced which will, in turn, help business sales.

AI also has the ability to categorise different websites as a way of choosing suitable colours, backgrounds and font styles for graphics. This creates an extremely simple work experience for designers.

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There are approximately 3.9 billion online users accessing their email everyday [1]. This is set to increase in the coming years, which makes it one of the most important marketing channels for any business!


We all know that email is a great platform for communication, but it’s more than just that. Seen as more professional by customers, emailing is a great way to improve user loyalty for your business. It is important to maintain the engagement between you and your clients, but make sure to avoid cluttering their inbox!

You can also allow customers to give feedback by emailing them ‘service surveys’! It is valuable for businesses to consider their customer experience as a way to improve site relevance and generate more satisfied clients. This method not only adds another level of engagement to your business, but can also help to monitor the relationship these clients have with your company.

Email is yet another networking platform for businesses to contact similar brands for project opportunities. This may include partnerships, sponsors or collaborations. Providing a quality connection in the industry can allow you to branch out your target audience!


Time and budgets are a key factor for any business and can impact the development processes and company performance. By advertising your brand through emails, you are allowing for a more cost efficient and time reducing procedure.

Email marketing also gives businesses the option to customise content that suit their customer needs. You can specify these emails by location, age or gender. 59% of clients have said that marketing through emails can influence their decision to buy from a company [2]. By targeting a certain audience, users are more likely to engage onto your site and convert into potential customers. This is proven to be a great method for increasing revenue and website traffic.


Email is one of the few platforms online that allows its users to organise tasks by folders and create contact lists. This allows businesses to keep track on customer and colleague information, which will provide more structure to your brand. For more details on Customer Relationship Management, read our blog!

As the online industry progresses it is often important to stick with the basics. Email marketing is just another strategy to enhance your business’ website performance and sales!

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