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This year especially, we have seen a rise in AI based products like chat bots. More than ever, this computer program has helped a variety of businesses with their client queries. But, like all technology, with a load of pros, come some cons.


Chat bots can provide customers with instant responses to a range of questions. This can improve the rate of customer satisfaction for businesses which will, in turn, help the overall performance of websites online.

It is said that at least 80% of customer questions are successfully answered by chat bots. Despite this however, chat bots are still limited to answering only what they have been programmed to know. Because of this, chat bots may struggle to respond to more in-depth questions. That is where live chat has an advantage. As real people have access to a lot more information, live chat may be more reliable for customers that are expecting answers from more difficult questions.


From a business’ perspective, chat bots can help to save time and money as no human supervision is required when it comes to engaging with customers. This means that businesses will have more time to prioritise other elements of user experience, giving them better opportunities to improve their online performance and ranking.


Chat bots can gain access to client profiles. Because of this, chat bots have the ability to not only answer questions, but can create a more personal experience for the customer. This is a huge benefit when it comes to creating a better user experience however, chat bots are still unable to gage emotions like real people. This can pose as a limitation as businesses using live chat can respond more appropriately towards a customers’ specific behavioural responses.


Unlike live chat options, chat bots are 24/7. This means that they have the ability to answer questions even out of opening hours! As well as this, the response time from a chat bot is almost always immediate. This is extremely important when it comes to meeting the needs of customers as well as creating better client satisfaction.

Chat bots are the future when it comes to reaching client satisfaction and a great user experience. With a few updates, we will be sure to see a growth in this computer program as it becomes a dominant feature on all business websites!

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Want to learn more about the expanding world of AI? As AI becomes more important to online servers, it is essential for businesses to understand how transforming advertisement and graphic design products can benefit online ranking and customer revenue.

What is AI?

AI, commonly known as Artificial Intelligence is a machine system that analyses website data and is widely used to perform tasks by understanding text, sounds and images. Just like humans! Because of its abilities, AI is becoming more and more popular in the marketing industry. Artificial Intelligence has transformed the digital way of working and, amongst doing this, has evolved into helping businesses with Advertising and Graphic Design.

Because of its capabilities, AI has been used by a huge range of leading brands. This has helped to increase user engagement whilst creating an easier platform for customers.


Google has used artificial intelligence to generate a ‘predictive text’ feature on its Gmail system. The AI format can recommend users what to type next, creating a faster process for emailing. This is especially convenient for businesses and their customers.


Facebook has enhanced its social media properties by incorporating AI into its image posting format. By using Artificial Intelligence, users are given recommendations of who to tag in their photos based off of facial recognition.


As one of the most well-known Artificial Intelligence Systems, Siri can respond to a huge range of commands by listening and recognising peoples’ voices. Since Apple launched Siri in 2011, there has been a selection of leading brands using AI for voice recognition services. Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa are just a few of its kind.

Advertising with AI

There is an array of benefits that comes with using Artificial Intelligence when working with advertising for your business. These include:

Performance Analysis

AI has the ability to record how your ads are performing. But, unlike any data analytics software, AI can also smartly suggest ways of improvement that is based off your business objectives! Some advanced AI systems can even produce these enhancements automatically. Using this software allows businesses to perform quickly. This will, in turn, allow for more time on other requirements.

Ad Creation

Artificial Intelligence also offers systems that can create advertisements based on business goals. It does this by using data to analyse the performance and user engagement across your website and other digital channels.

Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is a key factor when it comes to creating ads. By using AI, businesses have the ability to recognise new and existing customers. The AI also takes note of your ad performance and KPIs and can use this information to help identify your target audience. It is essential to keep track on who your key customers are so you can adjust your advertising techniques accordingly.

Graphic Design with AI

When it comes to Graphic Design, Artificial Intelligence software is recognised as a great design tool. With a variety of benefits, its main objective is to speed up the development process for the graphic industry.

Similar to Advertising, AI analyses user data and suggests alternative designs based off this information. This is something a designer is incapable of doing. However, these graphics can be enhanced by the worker. This method is initially used to help reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase the amount of designs produced which will, in turn, help business sales.

AI also has the ability to categorise different websites as a way of choosing suitable colours, backgrounds and font styles for graphics. This creates an extremely simple work experience for designers.

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