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It’s 2020. The most important year to focus on creating an ecommerce site for your business! The digital market has never been more popular than it is now, so jump on board and learn a bit more on how an ecommerce platform can benefit your business!

How Can It Help?

An e-commerce website is a great method to help generate higher performance and user engagement. Its vast platform can allow you to target the strongest areas and products of your business. This is something a standard in-store market often struggles to do!


Growing your business in the real world can be quite difficult as you are often limited to local customers. By building your business online, you can expand your audience on a global scale!

We all know that online shopping is extremely convenient. Incorporating an e-commerce site to your business can help target both local and national clients. This is just another great way of engaging with new and existing customers.

Not only is it easier for clients to view all your products through a website format, but using a digital platform can also be accessed on any device. From a mobile on the go, to a computer at home, your customers will find it easier to browse and purchase your products. This will help to improve business revenue!

Save! Save! Save!

Digital advertising is an inexpensive method to sell your products and is also easier to maintain than standard marketing strategies. Using specialist tracking software, businesses are able to analyse user activity. This can help to show a realistic overview of your e-commerce performance. By using this information, you can also quickly change content and prices to highlight specific products that are performing the best. This can help to attract and target a wider audience.


Using e-commerce is just another element that helps to bring your business to life! You can easily create a unique site that shows off your products and what you represent.

Email Marketing and PPC are great examples of e-commerce advertising. These are quick and affordable methods that help businesses reach as many customers as possible!

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From email marketing to social media advertising, there are a huge range of campaign strategies for businesses to use so their product reaches the right audience! One of the most commonly viewed forms of advertising however, is PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC, known as Pay-Per-Click, is an online advertising system. As simple as it sounds, businesses are required to pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. The more clicks that are generated from a campaign, the higher it will rank on Google Search! This will benefit your business’ performance and customer revenue, resulting in an impressive R.O.I!

Ad Auction

Advertisers are required to use Ad auction to bid for specific phrases and terms that they wish to include in their ads. It is necessary to find the most relevant key words and match types for your business as this will help with the overall performance at targeting your audience. Each keyword ranges in price, however this is not dependant on its ranking as every company has their own unique specifications and budget!

Google Ranking

Keywords aren’t the only crucial element for PPC. Researching your audience, creating organised and understandable content and linking appropriate landing pages for your conversions are just as important to producing the best PPC campaign for your business. If everything is satisfactory to the customer, Google will recognise this by charging you less in ad auctions. Therefore, the better your PPC campaign performs, the less you will need to pay which will, in turn, result in higher profit rates for your business! It is a complex method but, when done right, can help to drastically improve the success of your brand.

Managing Your Campaign

It is important to regularly monitor the performance of your PPC ads as well as analysing competitive campaigns. By doing this, you can make any adjustments to your content that are necessary to improve your campaign. Trends and target audiences are elements that can constantly change so it is crucial to observe these in order to maintain a high-ranking position.

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Radio has always been an extremely advanced form of communication and has enabled people to broadcast information around the world since the late 19th century! More recently however, its platform has been used primarily for entertainment purposes. Amongst being one of the biggest music streaming networks, radio broadcasting also allows businesses to advertise their brand to a wider audience.

Your Clientele

Choosing the right station for your business is extremely important as this can determine what audience you reach out to. By associating your company with a specific radio station, you are allowing potential clients to engage with your product which will also help to expand your brand. This is yet another marketing technique that businesses can use to increase their target audience!

Your Voice

Radio advertising is a great method to generate a more loyal and trustworthy relationship with your clients. By matching a voice to your brand, you can connect with customers in a stronger, more personal way. This helps to improve your business identity and can in turn, generate more revenue.

By using your voice to advertise, you have the ability to completely personalise the product to suit your business identity. Emphasising phrases and incorporating a short jingle can give character to your campaign and is more likely to be remembered by station listeners.

Your Convenience

At just a click of a button, your message can be heard by hundreds! Radio advertising doesn’t involve any heavy marketing strategies and businesses don’t have to rely on shares or likes to increase the ranking of their product. This is a much easier method to expand your sales and convert listeners to potential customers!

Not everyone has the time to read articles from social media or email sites. With radio, users can listen to your advertisements on the go! This has the potential to reach just as many people as digital platforms, making it equally as important for businesses today!

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Want to learn more about the expanding world of AI? As AI becomes more important to online servers, it is essential for businesses to understand how transforming advertisement and graphic design products can benefit online ranking and customer revenue.

What is AI?

AI, commonly known as Artificial Intelligence is a machine system that analyses website data and is widely used to perform tasks by understanding text, sounds and images. Just like humans! Because of its abilities, AI is becoming more and more popular in the marketing industry. Artificial Intelligence has transformed the digital way of working and, amongst doing this, has evolved into helping businesses with Advertising and Graphic Design.

Because of its capabilities, AI has been used by a huge range of leading brands. This has helped to increase user engagement whilst creating an easier platform for customers.


Google has used artificial intelligence to generate a ‘predictive text’ feature on its Gmail system. The AI format can recommend users what to type next, creating a faster process for emailing. This is especially convenient for businesses and their customers.


Facebook has enhanced its social media properties by incorporating AI into its image posting format. By using Artificial Intelligence, users are given recommendations of who to tag in their photos based off of facial recognition.


As one of the most well-known Artificial Intelligence Systems, Siri can respond to a huge range of commands by listening and recognising peoples’ voices. Since Apple launched Siri in 2011, there has been a selection of leading brands using AI for voice recognition services. Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa are just a few of its kind.

Advertising with AI

There is an array of benefits that comes with using Artificial Intelligence when working with advertising for your business. These include:

Performance Analysis

AI has the ability to record how your ads are performing. But, unlike any data analytics software, AI can also smartly suggest ways of improvement that is based off your business objectives! Some advanced AI systems can even produce these enhancements automatically. Using this software allows businesses to perform quickly. This will, in turn, allow for more time on other requirements.

Ad Creation

Artificial Intelligence also offers systems that can create advertisements based on business goals. It does this by using data to analyse the performance and user engagement across your website and other digital channels.

Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is a key factor when it comes to creating ads. By using AI, businesses have the ability to recognise new and existing customers. The AI also takes note of your ad performance and KPIs and can use this information to help identify your target audience. It is essential to keep track on who your key customers are so you can adjust your advertising techniques accordingly.

Graphic Design with AI

When it comes to Graphic Design, Artificial Intelligence software is recognised as a great design tool. With a variety of benefits, its main objective is to speed up the development process for the graphic industry.

Similar to Advertising, AI analyses user data and suggests alternative designs based off this information. This is something a designer is incapable of doing. However, these graphics can be enhanced by the worker. This method is initially used to help reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase the amount of designs produced which will, in turn, help business sales.

AI also has the ability to categorise different websites as a way of choosing suitable colours, backgrounds and font styles for graphics. This creates an extremely simple work experience for designers.

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When it comes to businesses making their mark online, it can quite often be a challenge. The digital industry is becoming a vast space for new and small businesses. There are, however, a range of marketing tactics that can be used for ranking improvements. One of the most current methods is incorporating photography into company websites. Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, using images as a way of expressing a brand or identity has become increasingly important.

Expanding Your Business

We’ve all heard of the saying “An image speaks a thousand words”. This couldn’t be more accurate in the marketing world. Using photography on your website and social media platforms can help to represent your brand, which plays an important role by impacting your business’ online identity. Having a visually attractive website can increase user engagement which will in turn, create a higher revenue for your business!

Quality Images for Quality Results

By ensuring that you use images that are relevant to each of your pages and the aesthetic of your business, photography can create an easy and more understanding experience for customers. However, it is important to avoid cluttering images as this is proven to increase the loading time for your site. Site speed is a key factor for Google Ranking and SEO. Therefore, optimising an image file size is crucial to improving a business’ website.
Avoiding complicated or low-quality images can also increase user engagement as quite often, clients look for clarity in images. This can be seen as more professional and as a result, potential customers are more likely to trust your services.

Keep it Personal

Incorporating images of your staff is a great way to create a more personal and trustworthy approach for your customers. Clients love putting a face to the people they engage with so by doing this, can help with your online ranking and is likely to generate more customers.
Whether it be an animated, illustrated or realistic image of yourself, using any type of photography can help to bring character to your website, which helps to express the unique personality of your company.

Alt Text

It is crucial to always incorporate alt text into your images as this can provide users with a detailed description if it isn’t loading correctly. If a user requires assistive technologies such as a screen reader, alt text will provide information about the image. By integrating this method into your website and allowing access to all users, you will generate a wider target audience!

Writing alt text for your images can make it easier for Google Image Search and other platforms to understand your files. Keeping it short but informative with the inclusion of relevant key words can also result in a higher online ranking as well as boosting more traffic to your website!

Image Formats

By using common image formats such as JPEG, GIF or PNG, you can allow your page to be crawled more quickly. This will result in a higher chance of appearing on the top result pages.
Adding these formats also makes it more convenient for users to save your documents if they needed to.