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You’ve just created a new website for your business and are looking at expanding your clientele online. With the help of SEO, you will be able to enhance your website and in turn, reach a larger target audience.

Optimising for SEO

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of increasing online traffic to your website through organic search results. It is important to implement SEO as a way of increasing the performance and customer engagement of your business.

There are a range of key factors that you will need to consider when it comes to optimising for SEO.

Title Tags

Title tags are displayed on search engines results pages (SERPs) and are extremely important when it comes to SEO. Creating a title tag that both entices and presents what you are talking about is helpful to any reader and will encourage users to click onto your page.

Keeping your title tags to a specific length for your website is crucial as Google will only display the first 50-60 characters. Large and over descriptive titles may also put off users from clicking so keeping it short and sweet is a must!

Using relevant keywords within your title tag will also help search engines and users find your website. Header tags have a similar effect so it is just as important to include these into your site as well.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Title tags are often partnered with meta descriptions that provide a more in-depth summary of a webpage. These can therefore help search engines understand what businesses are talking about.

Meta titles and descriptions are used across a range of platforms including web browsers and social networking sites. Because of this, it is important to include relevant and clear information for all types of users. Google has recommended that meta descriptions do not exceed 160 characters as this is seen to be a sufficient amount that can allow businesses to summarise what they are talking about.

Internal Links

Once you have successfully engaged users to click onto your website, it is important to link relevant pages throughout your content to entice them to look further into what you have to offer. Internal linking also gives customers the impression that you have a lot of knowledge on what they are interested in and proves that you can offer this to them.


Including relevant keywords into your content is possibly one of the most important factors to remember when optimising your website for SEO. Using specific keywords will allow users who have searched for these terms to find your website. This helps to generate a higher click-through rate (CTR) and will further increase the ranking of your website! 

Company Information

Keeping up to date on the information about your company will also help generate further trust between you, the search engine and any potential clients. Whether this refers to your opening hours, or your company policies, keeping track of this information will improve the ranking of your website as well as the overall performance of your business.

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2020 has seen a huge growth in the online world. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, businesses have been urged to adapt to the demand of online services. This has created more opportunities for all companies across the internet, but what can we expect for the year ahead? Below are a few marketing strategies that we predict will become increasingly popular in the 2021! 

Video Content 

Video content has always been an important factor to online advertising. This year especially, we have seen a growth in video applications and marketing across the internet. Videos that are quick, engaging and easy to understand are essential when it comes to improving your user experience. 


There have been over 30 million podcasts available to stream since the beginning of this year! Not only are podcasts convenient to all users around the world, but they are also a great alternative to reading books. Podcasts allow users to get information wherever and whenever they wish to. This is just another example that shows the growth of online services. 

Voice Search 

From Siri to Amazon Alexa, voice search has expanded massively through the years. More than half the world’s population rely on voice search to answer their questions. It is evident that this will only grow more and more into the future.  

Text SearchesVoice Searches
Restaurants near me Where is the nearest restaurant to me right now? 
Christmas presents for boys What can I get a boy for Christmas? 
Top places near me Where is a good place to visit near me? 

As a business, it is important to change your SEO strategies to benefit voice searches as they are typically more conversational than standard text search. 

Chat Bot 

Artificial Intelligence, typically in the form of a chat bot, has also seen a rise in popularity this year. A chatbot is a 24/7 website service that can help to take care of customer queries. It is beneficial to have this element on your website as a way of giving your customers immediate responses to what they are looking for. This can generate a greater user experience which will in turn, help to maintain customer loyalty. 

Social Media 

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in online activity. This is especially focused around social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Having a good social media plan can help businesses engage more with new and existing customers. Social media is made for networking. Next year, we predict that this will be an even more important marketing element in the digital industry. 


Having a business that is known across the globe is the key to success. However, this year more and more customers have decided to keep it local and are investing more time into businesses close by. Because of this, it is important to reach out to local customers as this can help to generate more loyalty and value to your website. 


This next year, we will see an increase in interactive content on company websites and social pages. Some may include the following: 

This content is a great way for customers to communicate with businesses and other users. As a business, providing your audience with interactive content can help to build a stronger relationship and gain the trust of potential customers. This can also give value to your website which could help the online performance of your company. 

If all these marketing techniques are filtered into your online business, then you can be sure to see an improvement in customer ranking and website performance! 

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