Why are Domain Names Important?

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When it comes to creating a website for your business, the first thing to consider should always be to choose a domain name that helps to impact the success of your business online.

Domain names were originally developed to translate the string of digits that make up an IP address. This was done to make it easier for users to access websites. Since then, it has also benefited search engines such as Google and Bing, as it allows them to better understand websites.

Why are Domain Names Important?

However, domain names aren't just important to complete the process of building a website. Choosing the right domain name can also impact various factors. These include:

  • Security and Credibility
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Marketing Strategies

Security and Credibility

The credibility of your domain name can help to improve the level of site visits you receive from users. This is because users tend to make decisions on what link to follow based on the strength and trustworthiness of its domain name. These types of domain names will be seen as safer to visit, therefore it is important that businesses consider this when creating a website.

Search Engine Optimisation

A quality domain name still remains an important factor for Search Engine Optimisation. If possible, including keywords into your domain will help to improve your overall site ranking. As domain names are a dominant feature on search engine result pages, if you can rank for keywords, you website will be able to reach a much wider audience.

Google's algorithm also considers website linking when determining your website's authority. This is mainly associated with your domain name and is yet another reason to make sure your domain is strong and secure. Doing this will also make it easier for users to search and find your website.

Country specific domain extensions such as .uk or .eu can also help to impact your local SEO. By optimising your domain name, you will be able to strengthen the engagement of users on your website.

Marketing Strategies

Domain names aren't just used to link your website. They are also included in your company email, social media profiles and campaigns. Because of this, you will need to make sure that what you choose for your domain is unique and memorable as this can help you to achieve great brand awareness.