What is the Value of UX?

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UX, also known as user experience, is commonly associated with the understanding of user needs, as well as the importance of creating a great online experience for customers. But what is the value of UX in digital marketing?

The Value of UX

Creating a great user experience (UX) for your target audience is essential in all types of digital marketing and is a great method to help attract and convert users into consumers. From visual design and usability, to search and content strategy, UX is made up of a lot of components in order for businesses to succeed a full user experience for their audience.


Creating a well-organised and readable website is important when it comes to producing a great user experience for your audience. Having a cluttered page with lots of images or text can be quite off-putting and could result in lower customer conversions! From headers and bullet points to short paragraphs, it is crucial to include a variety of elements in order to help create a more clean and easier navigating website.


It is important to focus on creating both reliable and relevant content for you target audience as this can generate higher online rankings for your website. Keyword research is also a crucial element as it helps to create a better understanding as to what your customers are looking for. By incorporating keyword phrases into your writing, you can be sure to provide a better user experience all-round. However, make sure to keep your content unique as this can help you stand out from other competitors!

When looking to better the user experience for your website, it is important to have an SEO friendly platform. If SEO is not optimised for search engines, then potential customers may struggle to find your website.


Having a faster loading page is one of the most important features that most search engines and users look for on a website. Overcrowding a page with images, graphics and video content can severely damage the speed of any site so it is important to limit these features. It has been proven that if a user is waiting for longer than a few seconds for a page to load, then they will quite often look elsewhere. Because of this, businesses should focus on creating a webpage with minimal video and image elements.


65% of digital media time is recorded on a mobile device. Because of this, most businesses are expected to optimise their website to suit mobile and tablet users. If you provide access to your website for multiple devices, this will help to expand your target audience and generate a better user experience.

Having a platform that is both attractive and navigational will help to increase online performance, ranking and revenue. Because of this, UX should be one of the first things to prioritise when it comes to digital marketing and building a business online.

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