What is Keyword Clustering?

laptop on a desk, with a notepad and pen

Keyword clustering is an SEO tactic that allows businesses to easily optimise their web content whilst also creating efficient workflow at the same time.

Benefits of Keyword Clustering

Its main purpose is to simply assign keywords to specific content pieces in an effort to succeed in organic ranking. This helps to mould the foundation of any marketing strategy by helping to quickly achieve great results. But what are the benefits of keyword clustering? Here's just a few:

Increases Visibility

Through on-page optimisation across your website, the process of keyword clustering will help you to improve the visibility of your content on Search Engine Result Pages.

Appearing in Featured Snippets

By analysing SERPs and researching what competitors are ranking for, you will be able to determine what you should include into your own content. By doing this, you will have an increased chance of appearing in featured snippets.

Targets the Consumer

Researching keyword intent and analysing Google trends, performances and industry competition allows for a deeper understanding of your target audience.

Researching is the process of analysing search results that appear when querying a specific keyword. What content type is making a dominant appearance? Are there more articles, blogs or service pages? Based on these results, you should get a clear indication into how to implement the specific keyword.

This allows you to then determine exactly what your target audience is looking for. Using this method will therefore help you to improve the rate of engagement and success of your content through SERPs.

Enhances Workplace Performance

Keyword clustering is the process of targeting specific keywords and phrases over time. Doing this means you will have an endless supply of content options to help with your SEO strategy. By organising keywords, your marketing team will also have a clear plan when it comes to web content long into the future!

Reduced Risk of Content Cannibalisation

Keyword clustering allows you to organise and plan content around specific phrases. This means that you won't have any duplication across your site. Knowing when and where to link by anchor text will also help to reduce the risk of content cannibalisation.