Up-To-Date with Instagram

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As Instagram announces its 10-year anniversary, we take a look at the new features that have recently been announced to add to the site's success. But how can they be used to improve online businesses?


Launched in early August this year, Reels is the latest trend on Instagram. With its 30 second recording ability, users are able to create fun and unique visual content for their followers.

It has been proven that short video content can help to keep audiences engaged. That is why it is important to implement Reels into your business plans. Staying involved with new features on Instagram is a great way for potential clients to see that you are current. This is guaranteed to build a more trustworthy relationship with new customers for your business.


IGTV has been a popular video feature on Instagram since its release in the summer of 2018. This is a separate feature that allows users to create longer videos for their followers. It could be anything from a brief product summary to a documentary on a day at the office, the possibilities are endless! IGTV is a great way to create specific content that will attract your business’ target audience.

By frequently uploading videos in this format, you can form an episodic feature to your Instagram page. Reoccurring video content that relates to similar topics will excite your audience and can often keep them more engaged with your brand.

A new update to Instagram’s IGTV is the use of Artificial Intelligence to include automatic captioning to all IGTV videos. This is an improving feature as it helps to create a more user-friendly experience to Instagram users.

Instagram has always been one of the biggest platforms for businesses to visually present their brand. As video marketing continues to become a strong component to the growth of businesses, it is important for creators to showcase their creativity and bring their brand to life!

Other Key Updates

Instagram's latest update includes a wider focus on smaller businesses and creators. With a larger selection of organic advertising strategies, Instagram has brought more attention to smaller creators and helped them to improve their online performance.

Desktop users now have access to a new messaging platform. This is one of the most effective elements for businesses as it now allows them to communicate with new and existing customers on all devices. This will also help to improve user experience.

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