Top Tips for Web Redesign

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When it comes to redesigning your website, there are a few important factors to ensure that the quality of your final product meets the needs of your consumers. Continue reading to find out more!

Web Redesign

Web redesign is commonly known to be the process of ‘renovating’ a website as a way of improving content, design, navigation and user experience. To understand this further, we have come up with a few tips that are crucial when it comes to creating a unique redesign for your digital platform.

Understand Your Target Audience

As much as your website is meant to showcase who you are as a company, it is also important to choose a design and layout that best suits your target audience.

In order to understand this, start by researching your competitors and finding out what they do to help improve their user experience. These tactics could make a difference to your website and may also help you gain more knowledge on the people within your market.

Upgrading the design and layout of your website so that it is both responsive and interactive for your customers will create a greater user experience. This may also help to generate a higher conversion rate and better online ranking for your company.

Develop Your Goals

It is always important to focus on creating content that will help to achieve the goals of your company. However, it should also be essential that you adhere to these goals when redesigning your website. Whether you wish to generate more sales or improve customer knowledge on your products, prioritising the overall purpose of your website should give you a better chance of achieving your long-term goals.

Your Homepage

Your homepage will almost always be the first point of engagement that you will have from your customers. Because of this, it is important to include content that briefly showcases and links to the following aspects of your business:

  • About Your Company
  • Previous Work
  • Contact Info (Call to Action)
  • Products
  • Services

The layout and navigation of your homepage should also pose as a good example of what your customers can expect from your other landing pages. This will help to give a great first impression whilst also improving the chances of conversion.

Keep it Unique

When redesigning an old website, you should focus on creating new content to help with your overall site ranking. Starting afresh will also make it easier for search engines and potential customers to recognise your website. However, remember to also keep it personal to your brand as this will help your company to stand out from competitors.

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