The Social Media Update

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As a new year unfolds, it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments from digital organisations such as Facebook and Google. Doing this will help businesses stay on top of any changes that may affect their online performance strategies. We have found a few key updates that you should know...


As if Facebook isn't changing enough, their latest update has included major transformations within its advertising policies.

  • Conversion Event Limits- Facebook has changed its conversion policy which now means that businesses are only allowed up to 8 conversion events per domain. These include analytics such as page views and custom conversions
  • Reporting Limits- Due to the iOS 14 update, Facebook now only reports up to 7 days after someone clicks on your ad. This is a dramatic decrease from the usual 28-day period. To help with this, Facebook is beginning to use various methods to help users understand how much of their ad data is being unreported.

As well as this, Facebook has also continued to focus on Video marketing as its dominant media type. Nearly 69% of marketing experts say video ads have a higher rate of investment (ROI) than any other ad type. That being said, we are not surprised that Facebook is focusing on this trend for 2021.


TikTok has released a plan to incorporate eCommerce options within its videos. This will allow businesses to showcase their products on their profile, giving users the opportunity to purchase from the app. This new marketing strategy will not only help TikTok to gain more user engagement but will also help companies from all around the world.

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A bit of a rough start to WhatsApp this year, as they have confused and caused quite a controversy with its new privacy policy update. The new update was set to include data-sharing from users to businesses on the platform and concerned many of its customers.

This caused a dramatic increase in downloads for alternative messaging apps and saw WhatsApp at the bottom of the list last month. Because of this, the messaging platform has decided to delay its update until further notice.

Google Analytics

Released late last year, version 4 of Google Analytics provides businesses with a better understanding of their customers which in turn, has allowed companies to create better experiences for their target audience.

Focusing on App and Web properties, this new update allows businesses to analyse online performance from a range of devices and platforms. These insights will help to improve all ROI which is the main purpose of the version 4 update.

Also included in this update is a variety of smart tactics to benefit your marketing decisions. These include:

  • Alerting users to trends in data
  • Notifies potential changes in your customer engagement
  • Predictive metrics

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