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Social Media Marketing UK

Social Media marketing in the UK (also known as social advertising) has become increasingly popular and has provided businesses with a range of opportunities to improve brand awareness online.

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Digital Marketing on Social Media

As an online social media marketing agency, we understand the importance of developing campaigns and creating effective content as a way of improving your online business. Because of this, we pride ourselves in offering you a range of bespoke services including some of the best digital marketing for social media!

Here at DSM Design, we strive to help improve the performance of businesses online and are dedicated in supplying a range of marketing solutions for customers in Poole, Dorset and surrounding areas! With years of industry knowledge, our specialist team can make sure to meet all your needs when it comes to marketing on your social media and successfully targeting you audience.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We offer a range of digital marketing on social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram. Some of these include:

  • Paid Advertising- By developing quality marketing objectives that include awareness, consideration and conversion, we can help to create effective paid advertising on your social media accounts
  • Custom Audiences- We can help to target your specific audience with the use of the lookalike and custom audiences feature on Facebook and Instagram
  • Conversion Tracking- We will use Facebook Pixel and reporting techniques to track any user conversions to your business
  • Account Management- We will manage to acocunt organically to make sure that it is performing as successfully as possible

LinkedIn Advertising

Are you a B2B business looking to effectively target your audience through LinkedIn advertising? We can offer you B2B social media marketing which includes the following:

  • Messenger and Image Ads- With some of the most effective forms of marketing, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with messenger and image ads that are tailored to your business needs
  • Use of Matched Audiences- In order to specifically target your audience, we will use the matched audience feature on LinkedIn
  • Conversion Tracking- Our team uses LinkedIn Pixel and reporting methods to successfully track any user conversions
  • Account Management- We offer organic account management to help make sure that your LinkedIn profile is performing the best it can be