Social Media Statistics for 2020

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As the digital world continues to expand each month, so should your business! With the most recent events of 2020 increasingly benefiting the digital industry, it is important for businesses to recognise and analyse statistics as a way to improve on their user engagement and online performance.

It has been shown that, since the Covid-19 outbreak, 15% [1] of users have took to podcast listening and 36% [1] have spent a distinctive amount of time on mobile applications. This information is important for businesses who are new to the digital world. By using podcasts and mobile applications, companies have the ability to expand their target audience. This will, in turn, help to increase user revenue and site performance. 43% [1] of online users have also spent more time on social media. Because of this, businesses have seen a higher engagement rate on their content as well as an increase in online ranking.

Social Media Statistics


Used by more than 2.6 billion [2] people across the globe, Facebook is the top most operated social media platform. Its biggest target audience [2] are females ranging between the ages of 25 and 34 years-old.


Instagram is used by around 1.08 billion [2] and, as of late 2019, has approximately 500 million [3] daily engagements. Similar to Facebook’s target audience, Instagram’s main user base [2] are typically females aged between 25-34 years-old. With a 23% [4] higher Ad performance rate than Facebook, Instagram takes the lead when it comes to company advertising.


Twitter is used by a smaller, 326 million [2] people worldwide. Although this is not the most popular social media platform for businesses, Twitter is always important to target all possible routes to receive the largest audience for your website.


LinkedIn is ranked to be the most trusted network for businesses and is used by more than 690 million [2] people around the world. Over 46% [7] of traffic to company websites come from LinkedIn and as it’s the largest platform for businesses, it is crucial to use this network to improve your user revenue and online performance.

The social media engagement [8] levels for all these platforms are generally recorded at its highest on Wednesdays from 9am-12pm. Businesses that publish content during this time will see an increase in ranking and customer participation.

Using Social Media to Improve Your Business

Customer Interaction

By using the latest social media strategies, businesses have the ability to interact with a range of new and existing customers. By creating a less formal, more casual environment for business and client communication, companies are able to increase customer service and feedback.

Brand Recognition

27% [2] of global users discover brands through ads on social media. By using this platform, businesses can generate a higher marketing revenue for their website. This can also help to expand your target audience. By advertising on social media, can also be a great networking method for other companies. Collaborations are a great marketing technique to branch out your company so online advertising isn’t just necessary for customers, but for similar brands as well!

Competitive Performance

More than 3.96 billion [1] people use social media and 4.57 billion [1] people use the internet every day. That’s over half the world’s population online! This means that there are a great portion of global businesses using social media and other online facilities to generate a wider performance level. It is important to analyse your competitor techniques so that you can improve your own marketing strategies to create the highest user ranking possible.

Customer Referrals

43% [2] of global users go through social media networks to research brands. Whether a friend has liked a business page, or commented on a post. This is a small yet effective way to attract more attention to your site. Generating competitions for your customers is one example that will help to increase the engagement to your brand. Users engage with this post which then creates a method of referral to other social media accounts.

Personal Brand

By showing a more casual and personal attitude to your business, can often help to increase user engagement and online ranking. Videos, imagery, office updates and blogs can allow for a more laid-back approach to marketing your business. Facebook Ads are also proven to be 75-90% [9] more effective when imagery is included in the post. As well as creating a more personal brand, this method can also greatly expand your online ranking.

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