SEO in 2022: What to Expect

laptop on a desk, with a notepad and pen

Every year, technology will experience rapid changes that influence many businesses and digital platforms. However, the most impacted of them all will always be Search Engine Optimisation. As SEO relies purely on the interests of digital audiences and Google's everchanging algorithm, it is important that you adjust your strategy to suit these transformations. Here's what you can expect for SEO in 2022.

Content that Complies with E-A-T

The E-A-T strategy has seen a constant growth since Google's algorithm update in August 2018. However next year, the ranking on SERPs will be determined more by quality, long-form content and images that are in compliance with the E-A-T principles.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. This involves the recognition of your business through all of the following:

  • Reliable information
  • Rich media that is digestible for your audience
  • Clear communication between you and your customers
  • Customer feedback
  • Secure site domain
  • External linking

With the importance of this strategy increasing in the coming year, why not learn more about E-A-T for SEO now!

Rise in Voice Search

We will also expect to see a shift from keyboard to voice search as there continues to be a large increase in AI-powered tools such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In order to meet these needs and improve the ranking of your website, we recommend focusing on backlinks and schema optimisation to gain better voice search results.

Check out how you can optimise your content for voice search.

Featured Snippets

The relevance of your content will always be an important factor when it comes to capturing your audience's attention. However, the format of featured snippets has also proven to help businesses reach higher click-through-rates.

Video snippets are also seeing a rise in Google Search results. Because of this, it is important to optimise your videos with keywords as this will help you to reach your target audience.

Image Traffic

Images make up a total of 10.1% of traffic to Google. It is no doubt that users will be more likely to buy a product when they see a high-quality picture on Google Search. Because of this, it is important to incorporate relevant keywords into the alt-text of your images. By doing this, your images will rank higher in SERPs and you will be able to reach a much wider audience. Making sure your image is clear and showcases all parts of the product will also help to grab the user's attention.

Mobile Friendly

A responsive website for mobile users is guaranteed to gain more visitors. In order to achieve this, you will need to focus on performing regular page speed tests using Google Lighthouse. This will help you to identify key issues and fix them accordingly.