SEO for Apps

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With its most recent update, Google now focuses on the rise of mobile searches and has started to include downloadable applications within its results. From paid to organic and even in featured snippets, these results appear across all channels. Because of this, you will be able to apply many SEO strategies in order to improve the performance of your own app. But why is it so important to optimise mobile apps for search engine results?

SEO for Apps

Recent studies show that more searches are now occuring on mobile devices than desktop. This emphasises the importance of implementing SEO into your mobile marketing strategies in order to perform well in online searches. Not only can this help to acquire new customers, but also benefits retargeting existing users as well.

One method that helps with this is app indexing. Google can now crawl and rank internal app screens, which allows the search engine to present specific content for the user. Clicking on the result will redirect the user to the app. If they haven't yet downloaded the app, the search result will redirect them to their relevant app store depending on what device they own. This method helps to encourage the user to download your application so it is important to apply basic search engine optimisation as a way to effectively target your audience.

27% of app discovery takes place on search engine results. This means that 27% of your potential audience can be achieved if you invest in improving SEO for your applications. Some of the main factors that you can focus on include:

  • Keywords
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Quality Backlinks


Keywords should be a dominant feature in all your marketing strategies as using specific phrases is the easiest way of reaching your customer base. Including keywords into both the title and description of your mobile app will help to enhance the visibility of your product.

Ratings and Reviews

Not only do ratings and reviews help to improve the ranking of your app but also helps you to gain the trust of potential customers. Seeing positive reviews from existing users will also encourage people to download your product.

Quality Backlinks

Whether you decide to focus on internal or external linking, doing either can help you to achieve a much higher engagement rate for your app. Getting other companies to talk about your app will also impact the reliability and trust factor, ensuring to benefit your audience.