Seasonal Content Marketing Tips

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As a content creator, it is important to maintain a high reach and level of interest towards your audience. From top tips and new year trends, to your latest services and product launches, creating new and exciting content is one of the most important factors to help improve the success of your business online!

Seasonal Content Marketing

Seasonal content marketing is another great method to help engage with your audience whilst also encouraging more visitors to your website. This can help to generate more leads and customers throughout the year! Seasonal content also allows you to be inclusive and shows that you know what your audience is interested in. Here are a few tips that you should follow:

Reflecting your Business

It is important to focus on seasonal content that reflects your business and attracts your target audience. In order to identify the most appropriate events that centre around your company, we recommend making a plan at the beginning of the year or on a month-to-month basis. This helps you understand the type of content you will need to focus on and allows time for any design or larger planning to take place.

As we are in the digital industry, we aim at looking to make content that relate to the latest technologies. Whether this be a short social media post on the latest iPhone, or a blog discussing an update on Google, doing this will not only help to improve our knowledge but will also interest our audience.

All the Seasons

When we think of seasonal content, yearly events such as Christmas, Easter and New Year come into mind. As much as it is important to target these holidays, you should also focus on the smaller events that happen throughout the year. This could be anything from international days to famous business events within your industry. Doing this helps you to target a more unique audience and gives you a greater chance of improving leads and user engagement to your website.

We also recommend creating content for each season as there are a range of opportunities in this area. Whether you are launching a new clothing range for the Summer or want to talk about new movies available in Autumn, doing this helps you to stay current with trends and popular news and can also impact the level of trust given to your audience.

Your Competitors

When creating a content plan, it is important to keep in mind your competitors. In order to set yourself apart from other businesses within your industry, you will need to perform regular competitor research. This allows you to identify what sort of content and actions they make to engage with their audience. Analysing this will allow you to plan content that stands out from these companies.

When this content is ready, it is important to launch it prior to other competitors as this can help you to reach a wider audience and not be swallowed by their success. However, make sure to keep the content your upload as close to the holiday as possible so that is remains relevant.

Website Designs

Whether it be for Halloween, Easter or Christmas, it is a good idea to add little elements of this holiday to your website as this creates a fun outlook to your business. Even if you decide not to create specific content for the holiday, adding little design touches like this will show your audience that you are still engaging in seasonal events. It also helps to create a more exciting and authentic impression towards your company.

Limited Products

If you are an ecommerce business selling products, it could be a good idea to include seasonal themed items to your stock. These products will be available for a limited time which will therefore help to encourage your audience to make a purchase.

This method could also be used for businesses offering services as you could provide discounts for a limited time around a specific season.