QR Codes in your Marketing Strategy

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Digital users want convenience, efficiency and reliability when searching on the web. The digital industry has quickly become a huge platform for communicating and networking. Whether this be from business to business or business to consumer, it is always important to use the best tools in order to improve the quality of communication for your company.

QR Codes in your Marketing Strategy

One of the most popular channels that can provide just this are QR codes. Quick response codes can be read and understood by mobile devices and have been used on various different marketing materials such as billboards, magazines and web pages. This system allows you to provide additional information to the user without the need for more text. By simply scanning the code, the user will quickly be taken to a seperate page where the information is stored.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate QR codes into your digital marketing strategies.

Direct Customers to a Page

If you want users to learn more about your company, products or services, you can use a QR code that directs them to a specific landing page. This will help them to save time as they won't need to navigate your website.

It is important to use a unique URL when incorporating a QR code so that you can track and measure the engagement more accurately.


Whether you are sending out a brochure, appearing in a magazine or simply attending a conference, you could implement QR codes within your design to allow people to access your contact details. It may also be possible to adjust the code so that it dials your company phone number once someone scans it.

Automated Message

You can also use QR codes to send automated text messages and sometimes even emails. This could include anything from sale offers and product updates to customer support.

Download Content

QR codes are mostly common for allowing users to easily download applications and various other content. After the user scans the code, they will be directed to a page which allows them to click and download the app.

A successful example of this comes from Spotify. They have recentlly incorporated QR codes onto playlists, albums, songs and user profiles. This makes it a lot easier for people to discover and share music.

As a business, you could find this helpful by linking a PDF document. Whether this be a 'guide to' blog or more information on a service that you offer, this allows you to easily download and save your content onto their device.

E-Commerce Platform

QR codes can also be used for ecommerce purposes by allowing businesses to share discounts and promotional codes to customers. By scanning the QR code, users will have access to unique discounts and can apply these to your products. This is a quicker method than providing users with a special code that they would have to type in themselves when they reach the payment page.

Will you implement QR codes into your next marketing strategy?