Improving SEO with Podcasts

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Visual and audio platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the digital world. With variations of podcasts from working to leisure, companies are eager to implement these methods as a way of benefitting their online business. But how can it improve your SEO?

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are a modern technology referred to as “audio blogs” by the online community because of their simple ability to help people share interesting information about themselves or their organisation. Contrasting to your typical written blog, podcasts are convenient for users as its portability makes content accessible anywhere! Perfect for busy users that are on the go and don’t have time to view written content on company websites.

Podcasting is one of the cheapest methods of marketing online to date. This is an advantage to companies as it can actively increase the rate of investment (ROI). With the same benefits of other strategies such as blogging and email advertising, incorporating podcasts onto your website is an obvious answer to improve your business. Over 750,000 active podcasts were recorded online last year, meaning it is one of the most reliable techniques to help you enhance your business! Using current methods of marketing can always improve your Google ranking and we all know this is a key component of SEO!

How Can You Use Podcasts to Improve Your Website?

Not only is podcasting proven to generate higher conversion rates, but it also offers great opportunities for advertisers and SEO experts. Providing the option for new webpages as a way of discussing your podcasts can encourage user engagement and the collection of more customer data which will in turn, increase your online ranking. Featuring podcasts into your email marketing or social media sites is a great way of establishing a positive relationship with your customers. Podcasts are also a new feature in Google search results so having another element that gives your business the opportunity to appear on the first page of searches is essential for benefiting SEO and traffic to your website. But remember to use keywords in podcast titles and descriptions as this will guarantee that users will have access to your podcasts when searching online.

With so many similar companies online, it is not always necessary to follow trends but to be distinctive with your designs and ideas instead. Creating unique content for your website is beneficial to differentiate from competing businesses online. Whether you decide to create your own, personalised podcast to enhance your onsite audio content or feature your advertisements through other creators, this method can help to widen your marketing audience. Conducting guest collaborations and hosting also allows companies to network with similar or partnered businesses, which can be especially beneficial to help the growth of your online identity.

Using podcasts for promotional, educational or customer engaging use, can cause for higher ranking and a generally more diverse audience.  Giving your users written, audio and a range of other marketing strategies allows your business to reach out to more customers, which will help to generate more traffic and profit to your website. By using podcasts, businesses are able to create “episodes” that help to link content whilst also keeping them separate as individual pieces. Similar to company blogs, it is important to frequently upload content that will keep customers engaged.

Podcasts are evolving and becoming a major marketing strategy for businesses. By incorporating podcasts with SEO into your website you can help to increase performance and sales, so why not try it now!