How to Choose an SEO Company

laptop on a desk, with a notepad and pen

SEO is a powerful marketing channel, which when harnessed correctly can lead to an uplift in conversions on a website and subsequently, revenue. This is why it is important to find the right SEO company for you and your requirements. Find out how to choose an SEO company now!


It is important that the company you choose can actively measure their activity and the actions that are taken out on your website. Can they tell you how much organic traffic you have had on to your web page? It is also important to use a digital analytics tool such as Google Analytics to record your website’s data.

Case Studies

Don’t be afraid to ask for case studies and examples of work that the agency has carried out for SEO. It  may be a service offering that they have had for years or even just months!

Realistic Offerings

Moving forwards with a company that can guarantee you permanent no. 1 rankings is not necessarily the best course of action. This is due to the algorithm for search engines changing consistently that rankings can naturally fluctuate. Asking an SEO company to be upfront about their strategy is also important as you would not want a company to practice ‘black hat’ strategies that could lead to long term damage to your rankings. Especially if you are currently ranking well for specific search terms.

Frequent Reporting

It is important that the SEO company that you choose practises frequent reporting. This allows you to see the effect of the SEO activity. With good measurement and SEO monitoring tools a monthly report should be simple to create, with a list of activity that has taken place in that month as well.