Evaluating and Tracking your Radio Campaign

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Radio campaigns are some of the most effective forms of traditional marketing, but how can you track their performance? Here are a few ideas to help you identify the success of your campaign…

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is mostly known for its ability to track website activity and various other forms of digital engagement. However, there are also many attributes that make it easy to identify the impact of your radio campaign.

Some of these include:

  • Search Volume
  • Site Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate

Search Volume

You will be able identify the success of your radio campaign if certain keywords in your ad have an increase in search volume.

Site Traffic

Unless you have multiple campaigns live at the same time, it is easy to recognise the performance of your radio ad through the use of the site traffic attribute on Google Analytics. If you notice an increase in user engagement then you know that your radio campaign is working successfully.

Conversion Rate

There is a greater chance that you will see an increase in conversion rate if the user is coming from your radio campaign. This is because they are mostly choosing to visit your website out of interest after hearing your ad.

Bounce Rate

Similar to the point above, visitors accessing your website after listening to your radio campaign are more likely to perform more actions instead of immediately leaving your website. Seeing a positive decrease in bounce rate will prove that your radio campaign is performing well.

All of these attributes help to indicate any increased engagement that may occur after your radio campaign.

Unique URL

In order to create a clearer understanding of how your radio campaign is performing, you could also create a unique URL for your ad. This makes it easier to identify which visitors have come from listening to your radio campaign. Comparing this data to your current site analytics will provide you with a clear answer as to how effective your ad is.


By asking the question ‘how did you hear about us’ to your customers, you will be able to clearly segment your audience. Doing this allows you to gain a wider understanding of not just the number of users coming from your radio campaign, but how each visitor found you in the first place. Surveys can be created for website or in store use as well, ensuring you cover all areas of your business.


Providing customers with offers that relate to your radio campaign can help to distinguish who has listened to your ad. There are ways of being able to track this on Google Analytics so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign in real-time.

Evaluating and tracking your radio campaign is a great way of being able to identify the success of your ad whilst also recognising if it is correctly reaching the audience that you are targeting.

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