Emojis in Email Marketing: Good or Bad?

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Email marketing is proven to be one of the most successful strategies when it comes to retaining customers and building stronger relationships with existing users. However, as most emails remain unopened, it is important to make sure your campaign is unique and personalised in order to capture your audience's attention. This is where emojis come into play.

Emojis in Email Marketing

Emojis have transformed over the years and are now not only used in messages, but within many social media strategies and even emails. The small form of imagery helps to break up text, making sure to grab the reader's attention more easily. But are they good or bad for email marketing?

Your Target Audience

Emojis are a fun and new way of marketing but it won't always work for every business. You will need to identify your target audience and recognise the tone of your brand before deciding whether the use of emojis is relevant for your business.

The Subject Line

Emojis tend to work best in subject lines as this is the first thing a user will see from your email. This is guaranteed to help improve the open rate and level of engagement on this channel. If you regularly include emojis into your subject line, customers will begin to recognise you which will in turn, help to improve the brand awareness of your company.

The Main Text

It is always important to get the message across to the customers that you are selling a product or service. However, by incorporating emojis into your main text, you will be able to relax the tone of the message and create a more personal experience for your customers. This is likely to help get your message across and will definitely impact the rate of engagement.

Different Devices

Emojis don't always look the same on every device. From Apple and Android to Google, whatever platform your customer is viewing your email on, will affect the look of each emoji you have included. Because of this, it is crucial to perform a test and view your campaign on various devices before sending it to your audience.

Don't Overuse

Whether it be keywords, images or videos, emojis are the same and should never be overused. Cluttering your content with all these things is never a good look and can seriously affect how your audience interacts with your campaign. Although emjois aren't recognised as spam, overusing these tiny images will definitely be seen as irritating which could impact your deliverability.

If you are looking to incorporate emojis into your next email marketing campaign, why not consider these points first!