E-A-T for SEO

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Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness. Three key components that you must follow to ensure your website receives a high level of online ranking.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T has been included in Google’s ‘Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines’ since 2015. Each guideline is crucial for the SEO industry and is maintained regularly by the Google team to ensure the greatest benefits are highlighted for the digital community. As Google focuses heavily on these factors, it is important for businesses to adjust their website accordingly to reach the best ranking results and customer revenue. Despite being around for quite some time, the E-A-T system has recently become increasingly popular since Google’s latest algorithm update in August 2018.

Break it Down

Not only is it important to focus on the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of your website, but the updated E-A-T guidelines are seen to prioritise information on authors and their relevance to the business. Implementing a ‘meet the team’ or ‘about the author’ page onto your website can help to increase the networking of your business. Using links to the author’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profiles can also create a more personal approach to your online brand.


Providing your customers with the correct knowledge and understanding of your business is an important factor of E-A-T. Knowing the intent of your target audience is a great method to help create clear content and website navigation to specify their needs. By including ‘rich media’ such as imagery and videos, you can provide your users with a more digestible site. Pre-planning suggestable content that your customers may be interested in will also help to increase site engagement.

If your business can deliver these key techniques, then you are just one step further to improving your Google ranking!


Growth in shares and engagement across social media and other company websites is a major factor to improving your business’ authority. Being recognised on other platforms will help to build not only your brand as a whole, but your online audience!


A clear communication platform between a business and their customers is important to help create a stronger relationship and improve trustworthiness. Allowing for customer feedback and criticism can also help when it comes to adjusting your website to further improve your online ranking.

If your website contains a secure site domain, this can show Google that you are a trustworthy platform. Because of this, you are also reassuring customers that any data issued on your site is secure and private. As well as this, it is also important to cite external sources on your webpage. This can show Google that you provide accurate and reliable information for your users.

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