Benefits of Having a CRM System

laptop on a desk, with a notepad and pen

The online marketing industry is increasingly expanding, with thousands of businesses seeking customers, collaborations and employees. It can often become quite stressful for companies to manage their services and customer engagements. But what if I told you that there is a perfect system that does this for you?!  

CRM is an evolving platform and has recently integrated a range of new facilities to help businesses control their online data in one place! 

What is a CRM? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is mainly designed for sales, marketing and service. More recently, many CRM platforms have become compatible to manage relationships between team members, business partners and collaborations! 

Managing your business With CRM

CRM allows businesses to improve on their ranking, profits and customer service. This software provides quality analytics and data that is relevant for any business types whether you work in the finance, sales or marketing industry.  

Users are able to access insights into content, site features, communications and performance. This data can help to maintain a strong relationship with new and existing customers as their purchase records and site behaviour is available from just a click of a button!  

CRM can grasp information from social media, email, voice calls, your website and other relevant channels in real time. This allows businesses to take immediate action for any improvements to their site and customer engagement, whenever it is needed. 

CRM systems organise all day-to-day functions for businesses. This creates an easily accessible platform for sharing information and tasks to team members so everyone is always informed. This allows for a clearer work place. 

Examples of CRM 

There is a huge variety of CRM software that specialise in methods for all types of businesses. Take a look at a few examples we have found: 


  • SugarCRM 
  • Dialpad 


  • Zendesk 
  • Agile 


  • HubSpot 
  • Mailchimp 


  • Nimble 
  • Sprout Social 


  • Haystack 
  • Salesbox