The Next Decade in Technology

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From social media networking to artificial intelligence and voice recognition, this last decade has seen a huge growth in technology development. Especially for these digital platforms, we can't imagine the impact this will have on the next 10 years. Here's our prediction...

Artificial Intelligence

In the last 10 years, the growth of Artificial Intelligence has allowed us to witness its vast capability in many ways. From automobiles, computers, phones and marketing, we predict that this technology will quickly expand as AI machines continue to learn, act and transform the world around us.


5G has been a dominant feature these past few years and will continue to grow due to the manufacturing of more 5G compatible devices. This technology has already provided its users with faster broadband speeds as well as reliable wireless and mobile networks. Because of this, it is in no doubt that 5G will impact the future of wireless technology. Not only this, but with high data transfer, 5G will also help improve the performance of self-driving cars due to real-time data being received whilst you drive.

Voice Systems and Chatbots

Alexa, Siri and Google are just a few examples of voice systems that have impacted the last decade. Starting at a simple chatbot on our phones, to a reliable system that many household members use in their day-to-day lives. Chatbots are now featured across most websites online as it is assumed to be a common feature for helping to improve user experience.

Since its development, this technology has also helped users by providing endless sources of information from trusted search engines. This quick and easy method has improved the performance of many businesses as it has given them the ability of completing tasks through the help of these voice systems. We predict that this technology will continue to become a dominant feature across many digital platforms.

Autonomous Vehicles

The idea of autonomous cars has really taken flight in the last few years. However, this decade we will expect the trend to expand across all types of vehicles such as taxis, trucks and ships. The development of autonomous vehicles has truly impacted the definition of transportation as we begin to see the introduction of self-driving cars, taking comfort and futurism to the next level!


This next decade, we will see a huge development when it comes to robots and their great intelligence. Not only can they already learn, understand and respond to different environments, but robots now have the ability of performing tasks without human assistance. This will definitely see an impact in certain working industries as the term "cobot" (collaborative robot) continues to rise.

Digital Platforms

Digital platforms such as Facebook, Uber and Airbnb have grown in popularity since the beginning of last decade. Because of this, many digital users have started using these platforms as another form of marketing for their business. We predict that this platform-based method will become imperative for many online companies when it comes to their business strategies.