Development Trends for 2022

laptop on a desk, with a notepad and pen

Web development is often referred to as the backbone of every website. This is because it is responsible for all of the following:

  • The layout of service pages
  • The programming features on the client's server
  • Any configuration development

Based on this, it is important that businesses in the digital industry keep up to date with web development trends. Not only can this potentially help to improve the performance and visibility of your company online, but it can also provide users with insights into your developing skills, especially if you are involved in this speciality.

As we gradually close the doors on what has been a very strong year in terms of development, why not check out a few trends that will be expected to make an appearance in 2022:

Communicating through Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence has become a great way for businesses to advertise and promote their services. This year, we have seen a considerable increase in chatbots across the web. This is expected to continue into the new year with AI technology being able to do a number of other tasks. This varies from simply communicating with new visitors and collecting data to solving problems and answering user enquiries. Because of this, we will see chatbots controlling a large portion of websites as well as helping to simplify user experience online.

Using PWA and AMP Applications

PWA, also known as Progressive Web Applications alows users to view content on a mobile device and alter to the size of their phone. Using this platform means that whatever device the user is accessing the browser, the page loading speed remains the same as if it were on computer. This means that the visibility and ranking of your website won't be impacted.

Other benefits of using Progressive Web Applications include:

  • Fast loading of content on a mobile device
  • Same user experience as received on a computer
  • Reduces time of development process

AMP is an alternative to this platform and makes it possible to speed up the page loading in comparison to HTML options. This system also works well when using animation and video content as it doesn't overload when activated.

Voice Control

Voice control allows users to quickly find answers to long search queries in just a matter of seconds. This system has grown across the web and is now used on most mobile and home devices. Because of this, it is expected that next year, we will see the implementation of voice control being developed onto several websites and applications.

Single-Page Application

Next year will see a dominant focus in user experience as developers begin simplifying site navigation, making it easier for users to gain information and work through webpages. The use of Single-Page Application helps to also achieve:

  • The ability for users to quickly familiarise themselves with content on your site
  • Improves performance on mobile devices
  • Fast loading speeds

The content on a SPA site is completely loaded through JavaScript which helps to avoid reloading and allows for a faster page loading speed.

TypeScript Programming Language

The TypeScript programming language not only helps to fix bugs in JavaScript but is also used by developers for a number of other reasons. These include:

  • Understanding code is made easier
  • Reduces number of errors
  • Reduces time spent on revision
  • Project implementation is done more efficiently

This programming language will therefore help to improve the user experience whilst also simplifying workflow for developers.


Although most applications are written in JavaScript, using this programming language can sometimes affect the speed of work especially when it comes to large and fully developed calculations.

WebAssembly is a technology that helps to resolve this issue by allowing developers to write code using any programming language. This is then compiled into bytecode before being launched using the browser.

Perfect for compute-heavy applications, this tool provides a range of benefits:

  • You can choose which programming language you use
  • Entering code is a lot quicker
  • Application and portal have a high level of security

Whilst some websites will continue using traditional development strategies, it is clear that next year, we will begin to see a dramatic improvement in site speed and user experience. Developers will do this by combingin minimalism with simplified code to create a much easier and more efficient platform.