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WordPress Cookies Plugin

Did you know that most people do not realise that the below compliance has to be implemented by law and that only very recently as of 2021 it has been a necessity on websites.

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Here at DSM Design we specialise in bespoke development and have created a plugin designed specifically to ensure the following compliance for cookies:

  • the user must take a clear and positive action to give their consent to non-essential cookies – continuing to use your website does not constitute valid consent;
  • you must clearly inform users about what your cookies are and what they do before they consent to them being set;
  • if you use any third party cookies, you must clearly and specifically name who the third parties are and explain what they will do with the information;
  • you cannot use any pre-ticked boxes (or equivalents such as ‘on’ sliders) for non-essential cookies;
  • you must provide users with controls over any non-essential cookies, and still allow users access to your website if they don’t consent to these cookies;
  • you must ensure that any non-essential cookies are not placed on your landing page (and similarly that any non-essential scripts or other technologies do not run until the user has given their consent).

The cookie plugin by DSM Design is available for purchase and integration into your WordPress website.

The Free Standard Version

Below is a list of features of the cookie plugin that you can receive for free if you are an existing support client of DSM Design:

  • A manual functionality for logging cookies on your website that are currently active
  • Alter the position of the cookie plugin on your website
  • Lock the website so that users must accept the use of cookies on the website
  • Locks essential cookies for the functioning of your website and doesn’t allow the user to opt out of these
  • Alter the colours of your cookie pop up box
  • Link to a page of your choice for users to read before the opt-in/opt-out of the cookies e.g. the cookie policy on your website

The PRO version

The pro version of our cookie plugin allows you to:

  • Automate scanning of cookies and have a list of them with a corresponding description from our database
  • Constantly updates the database of cookies definitions
  • Automatically scan of all JavaScript on your website and then allows you to control script by script as you add pixels

This is available at £50+VAT per year with an additional cost of set up at £30+VAT unless you have a support contract in place.


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