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Our web application developments

Here at DSM Design, we are a web development agency in Bournemouth and specialise in PHP, WordPress, Laravel, MySQL and JavaScript frameworks. We also have a vast amount of expertise in crafting bespoke web applications.

Based in the heart of the South Coast, we have an advantage when it comes to consulting on web applications. We can perform at both internal IT infrastructure and web-based development levels. From start to finish and after, we guarantee to provide you with bespoke web application developments and support throughout your time with us.

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The web development process

It is known that the development process can often be a daunting experience. To help with this, we have curated clear stages to make sure that you are fully informed and know what to expect when it comes to our web development process.

1. Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, our team will gather the requirements needed for the development process. We will also discuss any information regarding your business that will help with the process. All our initial consultations are free of charge!

2. Proposal & Quotation

Following your initial consultation, you will receive a proposal which will help to establish the project requirements. This also includes a quotation for the development process.


E-commerce websites from DSM

3. Project management

Once you have signed off the proposal, a full specification will be produced and all the project details and requirements will be set out.

4. System development

During the system development and after every major milestone, a review will take place between you and our project manager. We do this to make sure that the development is in line with the initial project plan.

5. RFC Management

During the reviewing stage, you will be encouraged to provide ‘Requests for Change’. Any of your comments will be included in the development process and final product.

6. Final development

After all the development stages are complete, you and our project manager will be required to test the application to make sure that it meets the original specifications.

7. Customer sign-off

The next thing to do after the development process has been completed is for you to sign off. This stage is very important and ensures that all requirements are finalised to your standards.

8. On-going support

We provide support and maintenance after the sign off is completed. This is dependent on the level of support that was agreed during the consultation stage.

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9. One-off development

Providing that you do not wish to use support and maintenance, we will also offer you one of our one-off development packages. We have a range of packages available that can be purchased from 1 hour at a time.

Web hosting

As well as our development services, we also offer web hosting and bespoke web hosting packages. For more information on our web development in Dorset, get in touch with DSM Design today!

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Admin UI CMS System by DSM Design

Find out what we can do for you

Whether you are looking for graphic designer Poole services or website design in Bournemouth we can help. We also cater for clients UK wide and internationally. Get in touch via the telephone on 01202 048079 or use our online form today.

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