Web Design Trends 2020

laptop on a desk, with a notepad and pen

It’s 2020. And with a new decade, comes a whole load of new and exciting trends! It’s been an interesting year up until now, so what better way than to implement these trends into your business and end this year with the best improvement to your website!

Declutter Your Website

Creating a spacious display whilst still providing plenty of content and images for your users has been a common trend for years. This year however, we’re taking it a step further with a strong minimalistic theme throughout. This method can help visitors engage and navigate through your pages a lot easier, which in turn will generate a lot more traffic to your website.

The Bigger the Better

What better way to sum up this year than to be big and bold! From oversized typography to full screen visuals, this year is all about providing users with satisfaction and ease. Larger content can not only create a strikingly eye-catching display, but adds a sense of comfort for your users. This design is especially beneficial for tablets, mobiles and other small devices as it creates the illusion of a bigger screen as well as providing more readable content with larger text.

Go Mobile

For almost a decade now, mobiles have become more and more popular. But only recently have businesses accommodated their websites for mobile use. Accessing information on a portable device has never been more convenient, but many users are quite often hit by the difficulty of navigating a website that’s not mobile friendly. That is why it is especially important this year to create websites that assist with mobile use. This means a simpler format and as technology advances, more and more companies are recognising its relevance and even incorporating elements of mobile designs to their desktop sites!

Famous Duos

Split screens are another key component into making sure your website stays strong and appealing. Not only does this allow more content to your pages, but also defies the typical rules of website layout. By linking the two sections with similar or contrasting categories, you can create a unique identity for your company. But make sure to keep it exciting as this will continue to captivate your audience, keeping them on your page!

Be Bold

Unlike the black and white trend in 2019, we’re going back in time with a true 80’s colour scheme and including bold, bright and visually striking elements to our websites! As visuals are seen to be more intriguing than text, it is important to add prominent, but sleek designs to your website layout. This will help to improve user traffic as well as your company’s online status.

Into the Darkness

On desktop, tablet and mobile devices, dark mode has become increasingly popular. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but in collaboration with bright colours, dark mode helps to create a modern and stand-out design to your website. This is a great component if you require to emphasise a product or article on your website.

Give me Space

Sticking to the minimalistic theme, adding space to your website can help break up content and visuals, avoiding any cluttered spaces. This creates a tidy and more organised appearance and forms a clear path on every page, therefore helping users to easily navigate through your website. Adding space to your website can make for a more relaxed and modern style whilst still following structure and basic template guidelines.

Get in Line

As well as adding space to a website, this year we are combining content with grid lines and shapes. This futuristic approach adds another fresh element to your website as well as exposing the “behind-the-scenes" layout of your website. This trend can also help to break up content into segments, making it easier for a user to guide their eyes in a desired direction.

Keep Moving

This year, websites are becoming more than just a four-cornered screen. With layering and motion, you can create a sense of depth to your website. Whether it be moving graphics in the background, or layering text with images in the foreground, this exciting format brings your website to life! Like any visual component, movement is always pleasing to the eye but too much can confuse users and make navigating your page difficult, so keep it in moderation!

It may be a new decade but these trends provide a sense of past, present and future with bold colours from the 80’s to more futuristic elements like layering and visuals. Give your website a make-over with these trends now!