Instagram Design Trends 2021

laptop on a desk, with a notepad and pen

Whether you have a business or standard user account, it is always important to keep up-to-date with the latest Instagram design trends to help with the performance of your content. With no need for graphic design and web design skills, we can help to keep your feed looking fresh and current this year!

Keep it Classic

Stripping it back to black and white has been an ongoing trend since the creation of Instagram. Incorporating black and white images into your feed can help to break up your content and grasp the attention of a wider audience. When it comes to your business, using this trend can also help to highlight important posts. This could include anything from your services, products or offers. With the use of black and white, you can seperate this content from your typical colour images, enticing users to read and interact with these posts.

This trend isn't as simple as it seems though. With a range of photo editing applications, there are several black and white presets to choose from. From high contrasting to softer shades, it is important to find a filter that compliments the theme and overall aeasthetic of your feed.

Keep it Real

We are well past the stages of harsh and unrealistic editing and are continously moving towards a more natural and subtle approach to our Instagram feeds. This trend can benefit anyone but is mostly targeted towards businesses. By adopting minimal editing into your content plan, you can help to showcase a more authentic side to your brand. Doing this can also emphasise how open and trustworthy you are which can further improve the relationship you have with your clients.

Text Overlays

The possibilities are endless when adding text to your images and can help to create greater meaning and understanding to your post. This could be anything from a question to details about a product and is a great way of improving user engagement on your posts.

There are many websites such as Canva, that allows you to rotate, reposition and distort your text, creating a fun piece of content that is unique to your feed!


Collages have always been a common trend on Instagram. This effect is a great way of adding dimension and creativity to your posts. Since Instagram allows its users to upload multiple images at once, businesses and influencers have been able to experiment with various different content methods. This is a great way of providing more information to your audience whilst still keeping to the overall theme of your feed! Known as a carousel post, this has allowed Instagram users to post any of the following:

  • Product Information
  • Blog Post
  • Service Information
  • Offer Announcement