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31 August 2021
QR Codes in your Marketing Strategy

Digital users want convenience, efficiency and reliability when searching on the web. The digital industry has quickly become a huge platform for communicating and networking. Whether this be from business to business or business to consumer, it is always important to use the best tools in order to improve the quality of communication for your […]

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27 August 2021
SEO in 2022: What to Expect

Every year, technology will experience rapid changes that influence many businesses and digital platforms. However, the most impacted of them all will always be Search Engine Optimisation. As SEO relies purely on the interests of digital audiences and Google's everchanging algorithm, it is important that you adjust your strategy to suit these transformations. Here's what […]

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20 August 2021
Why are Domain Names Important?

When it comes to creating a website for your business, the first thing to consider should always be to choose a domain name that helps to impact the success of your business online. Domain names were originally developed to translate the string of digits that make up an IP address. This was done to make […]

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18 August 2021
The Importance of Web Content

Whether you are studying for an exam, planning a holiday, or researching ideas for your own business, the web is the source of an unlimited amount of content, guaranteed to suit all types of needs! But this content doesn't just appear from nowhere, it is crawled from thousands of web pages across multiple different sites. […]

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29 July 2021
Growing your Blog Traffic with SEO

As a business, it is important to consider various methods in order to improve the brand awareness of your company online. From simply creating a social media account to producing varied content on your website, these strategies could help you to receive an increase in user engagement, sales and more! Interacting with your customers in […]

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26 July 2021
Improving Page Speed in 2021

We are all aware of Google's page experience update due to launch next month. This will focus on creating the best browsing experience for users across the digital web. The key factors for this update include the following: Core Web Vitals Mobile Usability Security Issues HTTPS Usage Ad Experience Based on the new elements involved […]

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25 June 2021
AI Powered Email Marketing

We've all heard the opinions that 'email marketing is dead'. But regardless of the many algorithm changes that take place on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, email remains a strong platform for marketing. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you will be able to successfully target your audience whilst also increasing the revenue […]

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10 June 2021
Things to Consider when Building a Website

Whether you are building a brand-new website or are thinking of redesigning for your business, there are many factors to take into consideration in order to achieve effective results and reach your target audience. Take a look at these tips into developing a successful platform for your brand!

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28 May 2021
Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that allows businesses to reach a much wider audience. As the digital industry continues to grow, more and more users are relying on this platform to interact with brands. Because of this, the benefits of social media marketing can help businesses to acquire customers, drive sales and increase […]

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27 May 2021
Google Analytics 4: What's New?

Google Analytics has become one of the greatest platforms for business online. Late last year, the company announced one of the most significant updates for the platform; Google Analytics 4. Here are a few changes that we think are necessary for you to understand when it comes to this new update! What to Expect Currently, […]

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12 May 2021
Ad Management Tips

In order to achieve great results and target your audience effectively, it is important to create a full PPC management plan with a range of marketing strategies. Ad management is one of the most complex factors when it comes to campaigning. Because of this, it is essential to focus on data tracking before, during and […]

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12 May 2021
Project Management Tips

Picture this, a client has come to you with a project idea with the hopes of receiving an effective solution to improve their online business. As a development company, it is always important to create a clear project management plan that helps to identify the key strategies of your development process. Doing this can determine […]

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22 April 2021
Instagram Design Trends 2021

Whether you have a business or standard user account, it is always important to keep up-to-date with the latest Instagram design trends to help with the performance of your content. With no need for graphic design and web design skills, we can help to keep your feed looking fresh and current this year! Keep it […]

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29 March 2021
Chatbots in Ecommerce

The possibilities are endless when it comes to advertising your ecommerce products online. But what if I told you that you could campaign and allow customers to purchase your products all on one platform? A chatbot is what you need! What is a Chatbot? A chatbot is a programme that generates conversation with users and […]

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29 March 2021
Your Guide to User Testing

We currently live in a world where customer feedback is a key factor when it comes to developing a successful product. Anything from services, website or mobile applications, it is important to focus on incorporating user testing to identify the performance and usability of your products. What is User Testing? User testing is the process […]

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24 March 2021
Improve your LinkedIn Presence

For nearly two decades, LinkedIn has provided users with an effective communication platform that allows businesses and employees to interact and engage with each other. LinkedIn is not only one of the oldest social media networks still being used today, but remains a great channel to help establish and build brand awareness for businesses across […]

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