How to Write the Perfect Call to Action (CTA)?

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A perfect Call to Action (CTA) can boost conversions by persuading visitors of a website or social media page to undertake a required action. However, writing an enticing CTA may seem to be an overwhelming task considering the brevity and marketing intelligence that one needs to incorporate when writing a perfect and high-converting call to action.

This article explains in detail how to carve out a perfect CTA with relevant examples. The article also details the types of CTAs and their usage in marketing.

What is a CTA and How Does it Work?

CTA is a phrase/statement that serves to direct users towards a specific action, assisting brands in reaching their marketing goals. Call-to-actions (CTAs) help brands with online properties such as website pages, videos, landing pages, blogs, and social media pages to convert visitors into buyers or subscribers. In short, CTAs (usually a button, or link) persuade users to take other specific actions including:

  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a website
  • Subscribing to a newsletter or emails
  • Downloading a resource
  • Joining a community or campaign
  • Sharing or liking a social media page
  • Writing a review
  • Submitting personal data

CTA’s usage is not limited to conversions, CTAs are navigation assistants for visitors and help them to browse the website and its relevant pages.

See the below CTA ‘See Plan’ takes users (navigates) to the page where users can find and compare plans offered by the service.

perfect call to action image

How to Create the Perfect and High-Performing Call to Action (CTA)?

A well-crafted CTA is the hallmark of a marketing campaign's success and it:

  • Increases sales by encouraging customers to take the desired action
  • Drives user engagement by motivating online visitors to interact with your content
  • Helps develop a bond with your brand by appealing to their personas
  • Eases the final selection/decision process
  • Provides a meaningful stop point to the user’s search endeavours

Therefore, creating CTAs should be a carefully thought process with a systematic approach. The key elements, language structure, and style of each CTA depend on the end result it is trying to get.

Clear and concise CTAs with action-oriented language, a keyword that emphasises value/benefit for the user, and a sense of urgency are top converting call-to-actions.

Examples include:

  1. ‘Download Your Free Guide Now
  2. Sign Up and Get Access to 100+ Free Templates’
  3. Join Now to Avoid Last Minute Rush
  4. Avail 60% Discount on Annual Plan (Limited Time Offer)
  5. Buy Before the 31st of June and Get 30% Cashback

While these above-listed CTAs have a highly positive impact on the actions of the users, making them visually appealing will further increase their intensity. Always make sure CTA buttons are designed well and have engaging graphics. Avoid the use of jargon, complex technical language, or other confusing elements that may dissuade the users from taking the desired action.

Top-performing and high-converting CTAs with Examples

1. CTAs that Offer Value

‘Do Good and Have Good’, the maxim works appropriately in CTAs. Offering any information, data, statistics, guides, how-to-do content, ebook, pricing guide, buyer’s guide, etc. for free in lieu of a desired action (users submitting their contact information) will work in your favor.


2. CTAs that Offer Regular Updates

People have the fear of missing out (FOMO) and any action that enables users to stay updated about their favourite subjects or topics of interest will be taken promptly by them. Therefore, capitalize on this FOMO and offer them free updates and in return get your user to act as per the CTA.


3. CTAs that Offer Risk-Free Trials

CTAs that offer risk-free, credit-card-free, and no-obligation trials can be highly persuasive and lead users to commit to your services. Focus on the USPs in the CTA when you implore your users to commit to a free trial. Free trial CTAs can help you seek more information about the users including contact numbers and business email IDs.

CTAs that Offer Risk-Free Trials

4. CTAs that Offer Exclusive Access

People love to access exclusive things. CTAs that appeal to this inherent desire for exclusivity and a sense of special belonging perform well. For, example a call-to-action button that allows users to access a closed group, special community, or invite-only event. Always mention if the community is free to join or works on a paid basis.

CTAs that Offer Exclusive Access

5. CTAs that Offer Free Newsletter Subscriptions

To encourage more newsletter subscribers, use CTAs that offer free subscriptions by emphasizing the value and benefits of signing up. Highlight any exclusive content, resources, or discounts that subscribers will receive as a result of joining your mailing list.

6. CTAs that Offer a Free Product/Platform/Service

People who are looking for services, platforms, tools, etc. to create or develop something that they require are easily persuaded to join or sign up the same if an attractive and subtle CTA engages them to do so. Below is an instance of the same. Anyone looking for launching his/her own podcast is more likely to react positively to the below CTA.

CTAs that Offer a Free Product

7. CTAs that Prompt to Write/Submit Reviews or Video Testimonials

Review websites usually prompt users to write reviews to help the community members to make informed decisions. These CTAs should leverage the users' inner desire to help their peers and community. See the example below. The line ‘Help over 5 million monthly buyers’ will create a sense of responsibility in the users and will motivate them to play their part in helping millions of other users.

CTAs that Prompt to Write reviews

8. CTAs that Offer Users Booking Free Consultations/Demos

These CTAs dwell upon users' innate wish to get free suggestions, recommendations, action plans, or strategic advice before actually booking any service or product. Always mention ‘free’ as the main word with these types of CTAs.

Other Powerful CTAs with High Conversion Rates:
● Save 10% on First Order: Incentivizing users for the first action and association with your brand
● Claim Your Rewards: Offering benefits for a regular readership, or loyalty
● Receive a Free Gift Voucher: Providing users who act on your CTAs with Gift Vouchers and hampers

How to Write a Perfect Social Media Call to Action (CTA)?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide unique opportunities to use CTAs effectively.

Here are some tips for crafting the perfect CTA for your social media campaigns:

  • Tailor your CTA to each platform and user behaviour analysis.
  • Use platform-specific language (Twitter's Retweet or Instagram's Double-tap.)
  • Keep CTAs concise for social media
  • Incorporate eye-catching visuals
  • Test different variations of your CTA (A/B testing to find the best-performing CTAs)

Final Thoughts
Writing the perfect CTA involves a combination of persuasive language, insights about the industry and niche, clear communication, knowledge of the user’s goals and needs, and appealing design. The suggestions in this article will help you frame powerful and compelling call to action.

Remember to test and optimize your CTAs regularly. If you need help in strategizing, creating, optimizing, and evaluating (A/B testing) your CTAs, feel free to contact DSM Design. We are experts in writing and designing CTAs that resonate with the target audience.