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DSM Design Ltd. are a team of creatives, developers and marketers. With experience covering all things digital and online across many years. Find out a bit more about the members of the team…

DSM Design Staff
Balbir Managing Director at DSM Design

Balbir Rana

Managing Director

Balbir is an expert when it comes to finance and business development. He brings to DSM Design Ltd. years of management and commercial experience.

  • Specialises in: Finance
  • Hobby: N/A
  • Favourite food: Indian
  • Favourite Music: Hindi
  • Favourite TV Show: Too many to choose from
Paul Director at DSM Design

Paul Barran


Paul is an experienced business owner and brings to DSM Design Ltd. a large amount of commercial knowledge.

  • Specialises in: Finding solutions, business development
  • Hobby: Golf, spending time with family
  • Favourite food: Bacon, eggs and sausage with a snippet of fried bread
  • Favourite Music: 80’s
  • Favourite TV Show: Suits
Kenny Director of Development at DSM Design

Kenny Turner

Director of Development

Kenny is a whizz with all things technical in terms of coding and development. Having founded his own company he brings to DSM Design Ltd. a wealth of commercial experience and expertise.

  • Specialises in:.PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Laravel
  • Hobby: My 7 Children & 3 Grandchildren
  • Favourite food: Sausage, chips and gravy
  • Favourite Music: 90’s dance music
  • Favourite TV Show: Peaky Blinders
Barry Director of Production at DSM Design

Barry Moore

Director of Production

Barry is the original founder of DSM Design Ltd. and has been with the company ever since it first began in 1986. His expertise in design spans across many years and dates back to prior to computers and digital. An expert at all aspects of design his acumen also incorporates project management and aspects of delivery.

  • Specialises in: Production Management, Design
  • Hobbies: Golf, Model Railways
  • Favourite food: Indian
  • Favourite Music: Pink Floyd
  • Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones
Paul Director at DSM Design

Akash Soni

Digital Marketing

Akash brings a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing to DSM, particually in getting clients to see a better return of investment on their website.

  • Specialises in: Digital Marketing
  • Hobby: Playing and watching Cricket, Chess, Travelling
  • Favourite food: Indian and Italian 
  • Favourite Music: Hindi, Pop Music
  • Favourite TV Show: GOT, Money Heist, and too many
Kenny Director of Development at DSM Design

Craig Riley

Front End Developer

Craig brings years of front end development experience to DSM Design Ltd. and is an expert when it comes to HTML and websites.

  • Specialises in: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Hobby: Travelling, Reading, Coding, Guitar & Drums Playing
  • Favourite food: Roast Dinner
  • Favourite Music: Alternative, Hard Punk
  • Favourite TV Show: Scrubs, The Expanse
Designer David

David Miller


David is one of DSM Design’s talented designers who is a whizz in Photoshop, specialising in CSS and HTML he excels at giving your website or app the best look and feel.

  • Specialises in: Design, HTML, CSS
  • Hobby: Football & Cars
  • Favourite food: Italian
  • Favourite Music: Funk & Disco
  • Favourite TV Show: Only Fools & Horses

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